You have the right to know what is in your drinking water and where it comes from. The CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) provides an opportunity for water suppliers to educate consumers about the sources and quality of their drinking water and to involve them in decisions about it. Click below to view the CCR.


New Meter Sets

All water meter boxes will be set at ground level. Any earth movement which will require raising or lowering of boxes will require additional charges. Meters must be accessible to Bronston Water at all times. Service lines should be at least 30” deep. Min. 3/4” inside diameter service be used. A cut off valve shall be installed for your service line in case of leak, or for any other reason. The valve should be located at the meter. A plumbing permit is required from the local health department or can be acquired online at www.hbc.ky.gov/licensing/plumbing. Rock bores and some road bores are in addition to the meter set fee.